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Thread: ***The Most Halffast Carwash EVER !!! ***

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    ***The Most Halffast Carwash EVER !!! ***

    So its hard to convince the ladies to support our we had to come up with something....guess we can still work on something since we have time...

    The Boys at Halffast are having a Car/Bikewash

    WHO: All of you
    WHEN: Saturday May 25th
    TIME: 10AM-3PM
    WHERE: Pradaria Churrascaria
    10694 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042
    PRICE: Donations !!!!

    Come on out and get your car/truck/suv and BIKES washed!!!

    Halffast wants to Halffast clean your ride no matter what you ride or drive, we'll spit shine it for you. We need your support to help continue our racing season, as well as continue to give back to the community that has given us SOOO much support!!! We will have waters for $1dollllla, and will be playing some music and hanging out...Swing on by!

    Some fun that is gonna lead up to an Event in the Future....Details pending the Final Episode....Next is gonna be some of our BRAWP bros on their stomping grounds.

    Cover here is of Joey Baila...currently supported by...
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    lol you got to take a lot of pics
    text/call 936-203-1855

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    dude...I am holding the water Not putting my fat ass in speedo!!! lol
    "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger......and faster!!!"

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